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1965 Plymouth Belvedere

The Quad Cab Belvedere

April 2007 Mopar of the Month

Earl Helm writes: When I first saw this 4 door of course I was looking for a 2 door post. 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

The Mopar was so solid, no real rust, not abused and complete, a 318 car....While walking around it wishing it was a 2 door, the idea hit me.

Why not a 4 door street rod?

1965 Plymouth Belvedere, front view

I ended up putting in a 1969 440 with Eddy heads, Victor manifold, Racer Brown mechanical and a 870 Holly. (Picture coming when the weather clears.)
The power goes through a 3200 stall and the spent dino gas exits via TTI exhaust. I added a 4:56 SureGrip and Moser axles, too.

I must say it has been more fun than my 2 door cars.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere, side

It just fits, an old guy in an old 4 door with crazy paint. Really makes the young guys with the winged rice rockets hang their head at the next stop light.

The real fun part is no one takes it seriously until you hit the loud pedal. You have to work twice as hard to blow my doors off. wink emoticon

1965 Plymouth Belvedere, rear

Way to go Earl! !   smile!

Gary H.

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