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Mopar of the Month: April, 2000

1965 Dodge Coronet AWB

Stuart Bays writes:

1965 Dodge

Please consider the inclusion of my homegrown 1965 Altered Wheelbase Dodge Coronet 2dr sedan.

All work was done by me in my home garage, other than bending the rollbar, narrowing the rear end and applying the paint.

1965 Dodge

1965 Dodge

1965 Dodge
I made it as true to a used up race car on the street circa 1968 as I could financially afford to do.
The body is all steel with a Fibreglass hoodscoop.

1965 Dodge
The car is fully street legal and I drive it to work on nice days, as well as to shows.

1965 Dodge
It is now equipped with a mild pumpgas, single 4-440, overdrive 4spd with Hurst shifter, line loc and reverse loc-out and a narrowed 3.54 Dana 60.

We plan on driving it to the Mopar Nationals again this year (700 miles each way) as we did in 1998.

1965 Dodge
It gets 12 MPG highway and is the best driving car I have, although somewhat noisy.

I really like your web site.

keeping the faith,

Stuart Bays

Update May 2001

Stewart writes: "I wanted to update that the Dodge has been sold. A guy in Pittsburgh PA who has a body shop has bought it and is going to take over where I left off. He is going to slick it up and paint it RED; I am looking forward to seeing it when he is done.
Thanks again for your time and effort."

See more pictures of the project!

Thanks, Stuart!

Well, what can I say....except that's one HECK of a daily driver you had!

You had an awesome ride there!

I suspect the somewhat noisy condition resulted from people honking their vehicle's horns at you and the movement of arms and hands to the "thumbs up" position! :-)

Hopefully we will someday get to see a picture of the Dodge when repainted by the new owner.

Take care,
Gary H.

April 2000; updated June 2000 and May 1, 2001

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