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1964 Plymouth Fury

March 2017 Mopar of the Month

Mike writes from Minnesota: I am the third owner this Fury which I purchased in 1975. The Plymouth started it's life with a 383 4v, push button automatic, 8 3/4 inch rear / 3.23:1, power steering, and power brakes. Over the years I made several changes to the drive train as the original 383 was on it's last leg when I bought it — never thinking to keep the original engine as it would make the car more valuable. 75% of the exterior paint is still original, but I had the engine bay and hood repainted.

1964 Plymouth  Fury, front

1964 Plymouth  Fury, driver side front

1964 Plymouth  Fury, interior The interior was restored with components from Legendary Interiors
and re-chromed plastic from Special T's Unlimited.
1964 Plymouth  Fury, dash

The last few years have slowly transformed the Fury into a 426 street wedge "resto mod." I built a .030" over 440 that makes 549 HP and 611 ft.lbs. torque, heavily modified transmission while retaining it's automatic shifting, Dana 60 with 3.54:1 gears, 2 inch headers with 3 inch exhaust, both fromTTi Performance Exhaust and Headers. I opted for manual steering and brakes as I did not like the feel of the way it came from the factory. I have discs on the front and 2.5 x 11 inch drums on the rear.

1964 Plymouth  Fury, engine
1964 Plymouth  Fury, front tire and wheel

As for wheels, the two options for me were either original Keystones (I never found a decent set at a realistic price) or Cragar S/S. Since the Cragar's are still produced that is what I went with. Tires are Pro-Trac bias ply 215/75-15 on the front with 275/60-15 on the rear.

1964 Plymouth  Fury, driver side

The car is a blast to drive and has embarrassed many a new gen Camaro, Mustang and yes, Challenger.

1964 Plymouth  Fury, rear passenger side

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