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1964 Dodge 440

March 2016 Mopar of the Month

Mark writes from Texas:I have owned this Dodge for seven years and my dad five years before that. Originally a drive-to-the-track-and-race mid twelve second car, the Mopar is now a trailered high ten second car.

 1964 Dodge 440, front passenger side

I added frame connectors and disc brakes to the Dodge. The Mopar has a fiberglass front bumper, hood and scoop; everything else is stock except for the grill. (I kept the stock inner headlights, front bumper, grill and steel hood to go with the car when sold.)

 1964 Dodge 440, passenger side

The .30 over 1968 440 HP block engine was rebuilt (refreshed) in 2015 (all new bearings, new cam, etc.); 12 to 1 compression, Ohio eight-bolt crank, SRP pistons, main stud girdle, Indy SR heads ported to Max Wedge, Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rockers, New Comp Cam Part No. 23-362-5, Indy Cross Ram, two Edelbrock 750 carbs, Magna Fuel pump and regulator, MSD Ignition, electric water pump, aluminum water pump and housing, aluminum radiator with two fans, two new gel cell batteries in trunk, deep Milodon oil pan with external Milodon dual line pump, two inch Doug's headers, quick disconnect on small starter.

 1964 Dodge 440, engine

 1964 Dodge 440, engine  1964 Dodge 440, engine

There are only 28 passes on the fresh rebuild. The best 1/8 mile was 6.89 @ 99mph. I have no mile time yet. The Dodge is very consistent and easy to drive if you can shift with your left thumb!

The transmission is a 1965 TorqueFlite cable shift with a 1964 case, 1965 tail housing, 1968 guts and input shaft, forward manual Turbo Action valve body with Turbo Action 6K stall trans brake converter, transmision cooler and B&M deep pan. Dean Allen built this transmission.

The interior has red A100 van seats and race weight carpet and a steel six point cage. All the interior was redone a few years ago.

 1964 Dodge 440, interior

The rear features a braced B-body 8 3/4 4.30 gear, spool and 30 spline Strange axles, mono leaf Cal Tracs, Calvert 9 way adjustable shocks rear (and 90/10 race front shocks), Chrome Moly drive shaft with 1350 U joints, U-bolt straps on rear U-joint, and drive shaft loop.

 1964 Dodge 440, rear under carrage  1964 Dodge 440, inside trunk

 1964 Dodge 440, rear view

Note: the Dodge is currently FOR SALE. $25,000.00
I have had several fellow racers tell me they hate to see me sell the car, but understand why I am selling. The white Dodge has been a staple at Mopar and Muscle Car races in North Texas and elsewhere for twelve years and it will be missed.

Contact Mark at two one four 727 4324 or the below email address.
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