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1964 Chrysler 300 Silver Special

March 2014 Mopar of the Month

1964 Chrysler 300 side view

Mike writes from New Zealand: I had a 1968 Dodge Polara because I want something different, that people had not seen before, and always ask “what is it?” when they view the car. When I first found that 1968 Polara I was wrapped and I really enjoyed the upkeep of her. I took the Polara to probably 50 car shows, done dozens of weddings and balls and drove the wheels off the old girl. She was photographed heaps, and the car made three magazine appearances in New Zealand. Roll on seven years and I thought I needed a change but I did not want to move away from something “different”. We have lots of Impala’s, Mustangs and Tri-chevy’s in New Zealand and in my region we have the most American cars per head of population in NZ, so it had to be a “what is that car!” vehicle that I would purchase.

1968 Dodge Polara in New Zealand parade

After seeing a few Chryslers at car shows I hit the old ebay and found that I was drawn to 1964 Chrysler 300’s. I finally found one in NZ that had been transformed from a “rusted out wreck” to an awesome standard 1964 Chrysler 300. But this Chrysler is a special one: it started life as a 1964 Chrysler 300 Silver Special and is very rare. The Chrysler has the 1/2 vinyl roof, 383 motor and 727 transmission, and all black interior, including headliner. The restorer painted the Mopar in a cream color (not my favorite as I would have prefered the Chrysler in silver) and replaced everything possible. He got sick of throwing money at her so he sold her to a person in my region. That person hated the Chrysler on sight and I happened to hear of the Mopar and I was there with my money as quick as lightning! LOL!

1964 Chrysler 300 driver side view
1964 Chrysler 300 383 engine

So I got stuck into finishing her off and tayloring the Chrysler to what I wanted. She was 'pinking' [pinging] badly, had no power, was getting eight miles per gallon, and wobbled all over the road. Plus the Chrysler would not start unless you poured gas down the carburetor. LOL...

1964 Chrysler 300 passenger side

The Chrysler now has electronic ignition, new leads and spark plugs, all electric’s redone under the bonnect, new carburetor spacer and carburator, radiator overflow system, new front shocks, new air shocks on rear, lowered 2 inches all round, dif head changed back to original 3.23, hidden stereo system, colored the strip down the side to black (it can be changed to any color as it is just vinyl, might try Red next month) to name some changes.

1964 Chrysler 300 interior

I have had the girl out at a few shows as she is now ready to cruise anywhere! The Chrysler has picked up Top Five at one of the local car shows. The best thing about her is that the badges are understated and people have no idea of what me old girl is. LOL. I have had many conversations with car enthusiasts showing them around the Chrysler and explaining what she is. They are amazed that the clock is still working!

1964 Chrysler 300 passenger side rear view

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Thanks Mike!

It is always great to drive a 1962 to 1965 Mopar for the “what is it!” fun factor. Your great Chrysler 300 Silver Special rises as a top contender in that category! smile!

Gary H.

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