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1964 Dodge Polara

March 2013 Mopar of the Month

1964 Dodge Polara side view

1964 Dodge Polara front view

David writes:My Dodge is a 383 push button automatic, power steering, A/C original car. This Mopar was purchased from an estate sale in California.

1964 Dodge Polara front and rear views
The car was originally purchased on May 1, 1964 by Andrew Lee from Rosemead, CA. The Mopar was purchased from Alhambra Dodge but service records show service by El Monte Dodge as well. 1964 Dodge Polara paperwork
It is interesting to note that the service manual appears to show a new block was installed at 17,016 miles on August 26, 1966 by El Monte Dodge. 1964 Dodge Polara 383 engine
1964 Dodge Polara dash The Dodge is pretty much original except for a few signs of wheels, tires, and headers fitted by someone who wanted more than a stock looking car. A modern radio / cassette and speakers were replaced with an original working AM radio. 1964 Dodge Polara radio

I had Tony B’s Body Work and Restoration in Hudson, FL do a basic restoration. (11046 S.R. 52 Hudson, FL 34669 phone 727.277.2554) The Dodge was completely stripped and repainted the original Light Turquoise. I elected not to pull the engine but selectively repainted the engine bay black, as the body color was pretty much gone and had been sprayed primer gray in places.

The interior was redone by JLP Motor Sports in Dade City, FL, with the help of Legendary Interiors and Joe Suchy replacement parts. 1964 Dodge Polara door panel
1964 Dodge Polara front interior 1964 Dodge Polara rear interior
1964 Dodge Polara rear side view

The Dodge is not a perfect restoration, nor a car to take to the strip, but is a great daily or weekly driver!

1964 Dodge Polara passenger side view
1964 Dodge Polara rear view

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Thanks David!

You can’t ask for a better daily / weekly Mopar driver!   smile!

Gary H.

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