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March 2002 Mopar of the Month

1965 Dodge Coronet

Robert writes:

I purchased a 1965 Dodge Coronet that has been sitting in a shed covered up since 1967.

the KENTUCKY COLONEL '65 Dodge Coronet AWB

It is a super stock car that was converted to an altered wheelbase car when it was 4 days old.

The car was delivered with all parts to to do the conversion and was ran as an altered since new.

'65 Dodge Coronet AWB driver front '65 Dodge Coronet AWB driver side
'65 Dodge Coronet AWB rear side '65 Dodge Coronet AWB rear view

David Heath worked with Dyno Don in 1961 through 1963. In 1964 he ran a 1964 lightweight. In 1965 he wanted an altered car, but for whatever reason, could not get one. Chrysler sent the superstock car with all parts to convert to altered. He ran the car in 1965 and 1966 and then sold the car to Spivy Williams. Spivy last ran the car at the NASCAR Winternationals in 1967. The car is in the same condition as it was ran in 1967,engine,trans,rearend,slicks, gauges, etc.

'65 Dodge Coronet AWB interior '65 Dodge Coronet AWB dash
'65 Dodge Coronet AWB front seat '65 Dodge Coronet AWB rear floor

'65 Dodge Coronet AWB 426 Hemi and engine compartment '65 Dodge Coronet AWB 426 Hemi and engine compartment
'65 Dodge Coronet AWB front seat 426 Hemi and engine compartment '65 Dodge Coronet AWB 426 Hemi and engine compartment

'65 Dodge Coronet AWB 426 Hemi and engine compartment

It appears to be a death trap and I have much respect for the drivers of these cars. The people I bought the car from purchased it in 1967 and stored it away so it is really quite a piece of history!

'65 Dodge Coronet AWB
If any one has any pictures of the KENTUCKY COLONEL or any information on the car please help me connect every thing up.

Update: August 30, 2005

Robert has sold this Dodge. Additional information gathered since this Web page went online:

* All original drive train except intake (now Hilborne).
* Engine was rebuilt in 1989 and has only been started and warmed up since.
* Trans and rear are fine. Has only rear brakes.
* Car last run in 1968 or 1969, was then purchased by the people Robert bought it from. They thought they bought the car in 1967, but the prior owner said '68 or '69.
* Car was featured in Mopar Collector's Guide magazine and Muscle Car Review magazine, as well as car of the month March 2002 here.
* Car was on loan to Floyd Garrett at Floyd Garretts Muscle Car Museum until early 2005.

Holy Cow, Robert!

That's one heck of a "barn dive" treasure!  smile!

Gary H.

March 1, 2002; updated August 30, 2005

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