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1963/1965 Plymouth “Sportlite” —  Plymouth Sport Fury/Satellite

February 2010 Mopar of the Month

1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, passenger rear Roger “Dodger“ writes: My Plymouth “Sportlite” is a mating of a 1965 Plymouth Satellite with a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury front end. 1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, front 1963 Plymouth grille

This Plymouth has the best of both worlds: the beautiful 1964/1965 Plymouth hardtop roof lines and the one-of-a-kind dual headlight 1963 Plymouth front end.

1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, driver side
1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, front interior 1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, rear interior
1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, passenger side

The 1965 Plymouth was from upper Michigan and was purchased off of ebay in 2007; it was originally a California car, but I bought the Mopar as a striped project car that had a damaged right front fender, radiator support, and frame horn.

I then started collecting parts for the project. Internet resources and members of the 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse were very helpful in enabling me to locate parts: I found a set of rust free 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury fenders in Kansas City; I bought the Max Wedge heads from a 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List member in Texas; the Max Wedge intake was another ebay item from Georgia; the 30 over 440 pistons from a 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List member in Colorado, and the electronic regulator from an Omaha 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List member; the torque converter was purchased from Frank Lupo Dynamic Converters in Delaware; the complete Legendary Auto Interiors from New York; a 1964 fiberglass hood was found on ebay in Rhode Island; a Racer Brown .510 cam came from Maryland and A and A Transmission supplied a low gear set.

1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite, engine All in all the “Sportlite” was built with much information from past and present 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse members, (thanks!) and the help of the many Vendor & Parts Sources listed on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site.
View “under construction” details of this project. 1963/1965 Plymouth Satellite front, under construction thumbnail view

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Thanks Roger!

Excellent job!   smile!

Gary H.

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