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1965 Plymouth Satellite

December 2013 Mopar of the Month

Art writes:  I can’t even express how relieved and happy I am having finished this Plymouth after 6 years of restoration. Very nearly everything came apart and got rebuilt — down to the electric window motors, regulators, guides, felts, brackets, bushings, switches, wind lace strips, etc. The only deviations from factory stock are front and rear sway bars, wider steel rims (14x6.5), and the 361 engine modified to 9.4 compression plus a more aggressive cam. Otherwise this Plymouth Satellite is as ordered from the factory.

1965 Plymouth Satellite, front

1965 Plymouth Satellite, driver side

1965 Plymouth Satellite, front interior

1965 Plymouth Satellite, rear

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Thanks Art!

You should be proud of all your hard work. It really shows! Beautyful Satellite! smile!

Gary H.

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