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1964 Plymouth Savoy

December 2010 Mopar of the Month

Anton writes: My 1964 Plymouth Savoy was built by Bob Mosher for his son Rob when he was in high school. Rob wanted a Camaro at the time, so he used the Mopar briefly and gave it back to his father. The Plymouth sat in their shop for a couple of years and Bob needed the space, so he sold it to a dealer, who sold it to the person I purchased the Savoy from.

I received a solid California body car (one car, not pieced together) painted black with a red Max Wedge interior, 440 block 40 over, 906 heads, cross ram with 750 Edelbrocks, 727 pushbutton, 430 gear, fender well headers with exhaust dumping at the differential. That was about 5 years ago, I took it from there.

1964 Plymouth Savoy driver side
1964 Plymouth Savoy driver side 1964 Plymouth Savoy passenger side
1964 Plymouth Savoy dash 1964 Plymouth Savoy front intrerior
1964 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge clone engine
1964 Plymouth Savoy driver side

V & V Automotive rebuilt the engine adding H beam rods, 520 solid Comp Cam, 518 heads and added a 3000 stall Dynamic converter.

I added a MP distributor, rebuilt the rad, new alternator, wires, rejetted the carbs, Jet Hot coated the headers, 3 inch TTI exhaust with dumps, Flowmasters and fully detailed the engine compartment.

Refurbished the gauge bezel and steering wheel, added the period correct vintage tach and detailed the interior.

Added Edelbrock IAS classic shocks front and rear, high performance drum brake shoes and springs, detailed the rear and added the Anson Top Eliminators on BFGs up front with vintage Mopar steelies on Radirs in back.

Polished and detailed the entire vehicle.

I want the car to look like it might have back in the day and I think I’m pretty close. It may surprise you to find out that I have never run it down the track, but that’s next. I do beat the snot out of it on the street though and it regularly sees 6000+ rpm. Special thanks to Paul Traina for tuning the Savoy for all its worth. The car is WICKED!

I love the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site!

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Thanks Anton!

Excellent! Nothing but fun in that Savoy. And a perfect example of why we love the early B Body Mopars!   smile!

Glad you enjoy this Web site!

Gary H.

November 13, 2010

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