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1964 Plymouth Fury

January 2015 Mopar of the Month

Ron writes: My brother Gary’s 1964 Plymouth Fury was first featured on this website in 2007. He has owned the Mopar since around 1996. Back then the Plymouth had a 451 wedge in it that propelled the car as fast as 10.44 @ 128.

1964 Plymouth Fury

Now for an update. The Plymouth has had a few engines over the last years. The Fury now runs a 511 wedge that is a stroked 400. The big block uses a 4.375 bore and a 4.25 crank. It is a Muscle Motors kit with Icon pistons with RPM crank and rods. The engine has about 12.1 compression with the big Indy EZ heads he uses, which Gary ported himself. He runs a Comp Cams solid roller cam thats 283 and 288 @ .050 with .663 lift using T and D 1.5 roller rockers. He runs the Mod Man intake with two 750 Edelbrock carbs. Gary did run a tunnel ram with two fours at one time over the last few years, but went to the lower Mod Man intake so he could go back to the shorter stock size 1964 Hemi hood scoop. For exhaust he uses 2 inch TTI headers.

1964 Plymouth engine

The 727 TorqueFlite transmission uses a reverse manual valve body along with other strong hard parts inside the transmission; it has a Frank Lupo Dynamic 9 inch converter that will flash about 5200 rpm. It uses a Dana out back with 4.88 gears and runs 32 x 14 slicks. The car weighs around 3550 with Gary in the car and a few gallons of gas. It has run a best ET of 9.96 @ 136 mph; it averages from 10.0’s to about 10.30, depending on the weather and track.

1964 Plymouth

As for me, Gary’s younger brother by 5 years, Ron Nies SR., I build my own engines, transmissions and rear ends, as I enjoy the feeling of building my own car mechanically. Gary not only builds all his own engines, transmissions and rear ends, he does all the mechanical work on his cars. He also enjoys building the engines, transmissions and rear ends and doing the mechanical work on many of his friend’s cars; he has most of the machine equipment to build and do all the work on his own engines. In fact, I use and borrow a lot of his equipment when I build my 1963 Plymouth’s engine; he is nice enough to let me use a lot of his equipment, and I thank him for that.

Gary really loves the Nostalgic SuperStock racing a lot, as I do, and he joined up with the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Super Stock racing club about 5 years or so ago and he has been racing with them at their races since. He really enjoys it as they are a great bunch of guys and he has won his fair share of races, while having a wonderful time racing with them. He missed most of the 2013 season due to responsibilities to care for illness in the family. He plans to race with the 422 Nostalgic club as long as he can. I hope I can make some of the Nostalgia races with him.

1964 Plymouth and 1963 Plymouth racing
Gary and Ron racing each other

You can reach Gary through his brother Ron’ contact: 1964 Plymouth contact

Thanks Ron!

Your brother has a fun ride! As do you! Good taste in Mopars certainly runs in the family.  smile!

Gary H.

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