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1962 Plymouth Savoy

1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge

January 2013 Mopar of the Month

Tom writes from Switzerland: I am a 28 year old Mopar enthusiast from Switzerland with a 1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge Mopar.

Tom's 1962 Plymouth Savoy arm tatoo 1962 Plymouth Savoy passenger side front

The Savoy has 413 max wedge heads bolted on a 440 block using 11:1 compression. The torque goes into a 4-speed manual transmission to a 3:91 SureGrip rear end. Next I will rebuild the motor with help from my Mopar friends.

1962 Plymouth Savoy max wedge engine

After I purchased the Plymouth I started restoration. The floor is all new, and the front end suspenstion and transmission rebuilt. (I think the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Site has some older photos of my Plymouth.)

1962 Plymouth Savoy interior 1962 Plymouth rear view
Band partying  with 1962 Plymouth in shop

I have Mopar friends into music and drag racing at Fratzog-Sports.


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Thanks Tom!

Good Mopar friends and music and a 4 speed big block 1962 Plymouth: life does not get much better!   smile!

Gary H.

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