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1962 Plymouth Savoy

January 2011 Mopar of the Month

Grocery Getter

Mike writes from North Carolina: My 1962 Plymouth Savoy four door sports a built, stock stroked 440 that puts down near 700 hp, mated to a Turboaction 727 driving a Dana 60 with 4:56 gears.

1962 Plymouth Savoy front

I have had my Savoy a couple of years. I bought the Plymouth off a fellow up in New Jersey that claimed to have gotten it from a nun in New York City who had it stored for 40 years. The Plymouth was a really rock solid car for a northern car with no rust issues anywhere, showing only 14,000 miles on the odometer (not sure how correct it is). The body has frame connectors welded in along with a 8 point cage to minimize flexing. Dana 60 rear end with 4:56 gears and a spool (for now). The rear was tubbed to run 14.50 slicks with shortened Strange axles.

1962 Plymouth Savoy passenger side

The project started out to be more of a drag car but as the money goes into it I find myself using the Savoy more for local cruises and car shows. She draws attention everywhere - partly because of the “unusual” body style that most people under 50 don’t even recognize - and partly because of the 700 hp burping out of the 3 inch exhaust tubes through Delta 50 mufflers.

Many of us older fellows that I run into at the shows all laugh and tell how we wouldn’t have been caught dead driving something like this “back in the day”...that was Grandpa’s car!

1962 Plymouth Savoy passenger side front
The motor is a stock stroke, 0.030" over, early 1966 440 ci, all balanced and squared up with full ported Indy 440 heads and 440 intake, Wiseco forged pistons, Eagle H beam rods. Lunati roller cam with 314 / 322 duration (278 / 286 @ 0.05") and .274" of lift. T&D roller rockers, Comp roller lifters, double roller timing chain, etc. Built to “roll” at the higher rpm ranges for a big block. The motor made a bit over 700 hp on the dyno last year at 7350rpm. With the 4:56 gears she’ll run in the mid/upper 10s. 1962 Plymouth Savoy 440 engine

The interior was redone in 2010 with custom seat covers, door panels, new carpet etc. The rear seat frames were modified to fit around the wheel tubs and the front seat was notched to bring the shifter in closer.

1962 Plymouth Savoy interior

She’s currently wearing MT Sportsman SRs on the front and MT 325/50-15 ET Street Radials on the back, all on Torque Thrust D wheels. I have a set of MT skinnies and 14.50 Hoosier slicks on Weld wheels in case I want to really ring it out at the track. (The tires in the photo of the rear end are old Coopers I previously had on the Savoy.)

1962 Plymouth Savoy rear undercarrage

Just goes to show that even the cars that were considered “butt ugly” back in the day are growing in popularity these days. Even an old 4 door grocery getter can be made into a cool and unique hot rod.

1962 Plymouth Savoy rear view

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Thanks Mike!

You own a perfect example of a cool four door Mopar! No shortage of groceries in your home!   smile!

Gary H.

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