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1963 Dodge Polara 500 Max Wedge Convertible

January 2010 Mopar of the Month

Joe writes: This Dodge features the original 426/425HP Max Wedge Ramcharger. 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, front

1963 was the zenith year of the Max Wedge, and while the true racers were snapping up the 2 door sedans, a few well-heeled guys opted for stealth street racing. How else do you explain that 3 people in the whole country ordered a Polara 500 convertible, and then checked the boxes for 13.5CR/425HP and 4.56 gears?

1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, passenger side

Sporting a red 500 stripe, this black Dodge with black/red bucket seat interior, black top, and all the 500 trim, had to make an encounter with this Mopar in 1963 a Beauty and the Beast experience — depending on the brand you were driving.

1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, front interior and dash 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, door panel 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, rear seats

Sold new in Virginia, the Polara 500 eventually made the journey to California, and then back to Nebraska, before being discovered by Galen Govier in Ron Slobe’s project collection. Galen authenticated the Dodge and then traced the car’s history back to California. Having just minor rust, the convertible had never been caged, tubbed, or wrecked like so many of the sedans.

426 engine in 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible

The convertible was treated to a full Concours restoration in 2006. Already having the matching body numbers and fender tag, all of the correct, date-coded mechanical parts were located to bring the Mopar back as a numbers-matching car: the Dodge has the correct date coded HC engine block, intake, heads, carbs, and distributor. The radiator, pulleys, wiring, brake lines, oil pan, exhaust manifolds, exhaust system, choke cable and brackets are all original Max Wedge parts.

This Polara 500 convertible is one of the finest examples of a Max Wedge and the car was invited to the prestigious Meadow Brook Concours in 2007. Sure to attract attention anywhere with it's good looks, the Mopar really draws a crowd when the engine fires up. 1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Convertible, rear
NOTE: This Dodge is currently FOR SALE. $200,000.00. Partial trade considered for early Hemi or Max Wedge project cars. Contact Joe at 715.355.5593
Thanks Joe!

A 1963 Polara 500 convertible with a 426 Max Wedge: top down excitement!  smile!

Gary H.

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