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1963 Dodge Custom 880

Old Blue

Update 2019: this Dodge is for sale... SOLD!

November 2016 Mopar of the Month

Dodge Custom 880, passenger front

Bill writes from Idaho: My1963 Dodge Custom 880 2 door hardtop I found for sale in a car corral at a car show in Northern California several years ago. When I saw this Dodge, I knew I just had to have the Mopar. Why? Because my wife and I previously owned one in the mid-sixties!

After I got the Dodge home, all I really needed to do was clean the car up, put the original hubcaps (they were in the trunk, believe it or not) and put new tires on, as well as installing a new old stock speedometer. Next is to work on some weatherstripping and redo the front brakes.

Power comes from the 361 V8 with a 2 barrel carburetor into a TorqueFlite transmission and power steering and power brakes: a fairly typical setup in 1963. Dodge Custom 880, engine

I bought the Dodge with the upholstery redone and sporting a newer paint job.

1963 Dodge Custom 880, interior 1963Dodge Custom 880, interior

I installed a new stereo so I could play my old music on flash drives. Using the old face plate/trim and knobs, I tried to make it look as "original" as I could.

1963 Dodge Custom 880, dash cluster 1963Dodge Custom 880, front dash interior
Dodge Custom 880, driver side

I attend many car shows and receive a lot of attention with Old Blue. Plus, the Dodge is my fair-weather daily driver too. I can honestly say I have had more fun with this Dodge than others I have owned!
(The list includes a 1947 Plymouth; 1955 and 1956 Dodge 2 door hardtops; a 1959 Plymouth Suburban wagon;
a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 2 door hardtop, the Canadian version; a 1968 Dodge Dart and a 1972 Plymouth Fury.)

Dodge Custom 880, rear passenger side

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