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1963 Chrysler 300

November 2014 Mopar of the Month

Dan writes: I have not had a 1962-65 Mopar since I sold my 1963 Fury convertible a number of years ago. I had about 3 or 4 1962-66 Mopar A-bodys lined up if I could sell my 1978 Dodge D-150. Well, I sold the truck but all the A-body deals fell through for one reason or another! However, I am back with a 1962-65 Mopar, slightly on the larger size. I am now the owner of a 21,500 original mile 1963 Chrysler 300.

1963 Chrysler 300, front
1963 Chrysler 300, driver side

I never expected to get this Mopar for my opening bid but nobody else bid on it. I am the third owner and the Chrysler had been in the second owner’s family since 1988. The 300 came with a huge stack of paperwork including the original window sticker and a letter from the original owner’s daughter in which I discovered the 300 has a name: it’s Josephine.

1963 Chrysler 300, front seat driver side 1963 Chrysler 300, dash pass side

The Chrysler is another one of those love | hate body styles but I had a 1964 Chrysler 300 K years ago and it’s been one of my favorite Chryslers ever since.

1963 Chrysler 300, rear seat
1963 Chrysler 300, front driver side 1963 Chrysler 300, front passenger side

I might do a few upgrades such as a dual master cylinder for safety or a dual exhaust. But since the car is so original nothing that could not be undone. And since the previous owner already installed a new set of redline radials I am thinking of adding some different wheels. Can’t make up my mind but maybe Magnum 500’s. This car is a pleasure to drive, brings a smile to my face every time I’m behind the wheel. Lol

1963 Chrysler 300, rear

NOTE: Help! I have the original shipping invoice from Chrysler dated May 1963 showing that the Chrysler was shipped to Abrahamson Motor Sales Inc., in Hammond, IN. What I am trying to track down is one of the chrome dealer emblems from Abrahamson Motors to put back on the Chrysler. Anyone?

Contact Dan: 1963 Chrysler 300 owner

Update June 2015

I put new Magnum 510 wheels on the Chrysler. The wheels are Cragar’s version of the Mopar Magnum 500 with an aluminum center section. Kind of changed the whole looks of the Chrysler.

1963 Chrysler 300, passenger side with updated wheels

Thanks Dan!

What’s not to like in a big block-powered Mopar! Enjoy!  smile!

Gary H.

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