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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

November 2010 Mopar of the Month

Dan writes: In 1971 I bought my first 1964 Sport Fury for $400. The Plymouth was black with red interior, and I was hooked. Drove the Mopar every day to high school, and cleaned and polished every inch in my spare time. I later bought a light blue one, then a gray, and then a red on red.

Now it’s 2010, 25 years since my last Sport Fury, and my wife bought me a 75,000 mile dark turquoise original beauty. I tell you she's a keeper. What a sweetheart, and the car is also great to have around.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury driver side

This Sport Fury is cleaner than any I’ve had before. No rust, always been garaged. I’m the third owner.

I have kept my eyes open for a decent Sport Fury over the years, but the good ones were all highly modified with outrageous wedges or Hemis and price tags to match. Great motors for the cars, but I just want something that I can drive every day if I like.

The 361, Torqueflite, and 3.23 SureGrip are a good combo for that, as I remembered them being powerful enough yet easy on gas. The paint is mostly original and looks great, but not a high dollar show job that I would have to be concerned about every time I took it out of the garage. All original inside too, except for a redo on the driver’s seat bottom.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury interior

It’s great to be back in a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury!

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury driver side rear view

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Thanks Dan!

Back in the day, the Plymouth dealers had a “race on Sunday, buy on Monday” strategy. Plymouths, including King Richard”s, terrorized their NASCAR competition, while other Plymouts often tore up the competition at the drag strips. Your fine Plymouth represents the “buy on Monday”example   smile!

Gary H.

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