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1962 Plymouth Fury Convertible

November 2008 Mopar of the Month

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, front Gary H. writes: I am the third owner of this Fury. The previous owner restored it to a driver status. He passed away and his widow kept it in the garage for a few years. Her son convinced her that his dad would have preferred that the Plymouth was driven and appreciated by someone, rather than letting it sit and deteriorate.

My friend saw the Fury advertised in the local newspaper and he phoned me, since the owner lived close to my house. My friend and I went to the house to check it out, expecting a rust bucket. When the widow's son pulled open the garage door we were met with a solid car, painted as you see it in the picture! I drove the car, fell in love with the way it drove, and struck a deal.

The Fury has the two barrel Polyspherical wide block 318, power steering and power brakes, and push button TorqueFlight.

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, passenger side

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, interior

1962 styling is controversial. People almost break their necks twisting around to check the Fury out when I drive the car in traffic. He, heh! Even Mopar fans hate or love 1962 Plymouths. I, of course, fall into the latter category.

Those who have never driven one of the 1962 Plymouth (or Dodge) B-body platform Mopars are depriving themselves a treat. My 1962 Fury is a great crusing Mopar!

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, front 1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, rear

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible, driver side top down

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