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1963 Plymouth Valiant V-100

1963 Plymouth Valiant in the park

November 2006 Mopar of the Month

1963 Plymouth Valiant newpaper article
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Rob writes: This Valiant was my first car back in 1977, when I was 16 years old. I bought the Plymouth from an uncle for $75.

The car was mocked all through high school, and was voted the “class wreck” of my Senior Class of 1979.

I vowed someday I would restore the car and get the last laugh.

I’ve had the Valiant ever since, though I wrecked it 13 years ago, and it had been sitting in my garage ’till last summer (2005).

1963 Plymouth Valiant wrecked 1963 Plymouth Valiant wrecked

At that point I bought another 1963 parts car on ebay and began putting the two together.

1963 Plymouth Valiant restoration 1963 Plymouth Valiant restoration
1963 Plymouth Valiant restoration 1963 Plymouth Valiant restoration

Technically a V-100, the Mopar is a combination of a 1963 V-100, the standard model Valiant, and a 1963 V-200, the deluxe model Valiant. The frame, most of body, and the slant six motor are 1963 V-100. The push-button tranny, power steering, all interior and exterior chrome and bezels, wiring, seats, and some of the body panels miscellaneous parts are from a 1963 V-200. Near future plans are to install the V-200’s 225 Slant Six Motor into the restored car.

I just finished restoration in the Fall of 2005, just in time for its first car show, the James Dean Rebel Run in Fairmount, Indiana.

Just about everything has been restored to original condition, with almost everything “period correct”.

1963 Plymouth Valiant restored and at high school reunion The (near) finished “Prince” Valiant sits in front of my old high school in New Castle, Indiana.
1963 Plymouth Valiant slant six 1963 Plymouth Valiant slant six
Everything under the hood is original equipment, even the Alternator has never been replaced.
The original Slant Six 170 engine, overhauled about 12 years ago, has over 300,000 miles and the power goes through a push-button tranny.
Though not factory correct, the engine compartment was painted flat black in the Fall of 2005, at the same time the car’s exterior was painted.

The interior was reupholstered according to the original pattern Fall 2005. 1963 Plymouth Valiant interior

1963 Plymouth Valiant rear view

By the way, I rode Prince in my high school’s Homecoming Parade (it actually represented the Class of ’79) last Fall (26 years later) and everyone remembered. They could not believe it. The Valiant has gone from the “Class Wreck” to the “Class Rod!” I did get the last laugh!

1963 Plymouth Valiant in parade
The wild thing about the parade was that the movie Valiant was playing at the theatre on the Homecoming Parade route. Literally, it was a “sign!”

1963 Plymouth Valiant passenger side front view and Rob! Also, two cars ahead of me in the Parade was a 1959 Indy Pace Car which overheated about half way along the route. I revved my Mopar as I went by that 1959 Buick Electra, to everyone’s cheers! 1963 Plymouth Valiant passenger side front view

Note: My full name is Robert Allen Simmons, III. In high school I went by middle name Allen to save confusion from my dad and grandad of the same name. That’s why the old newspaper article says Allen. But when I went to college, and after, I went back to my first name, and now go by Rob (my dad goes by Bob). Interesting note: my 15 year old son also has the same name, he’s the fourth, and goes by Robbie. But we told him he needs to name his first born Barbara Ann. Why? Now think of the song. Are you ready? Because then we’d have 5 generations named “Bob, Bob, Bob; Bob, Barbara Ann.”
Great going Rob! 

Many folks wish they kept their Mopar from their High School years. You DID!

And your efforts paid off! Your classmates now see the beauty of a 1963 Valiant. WIth age sometimes comes wisdom. smile!

Gary H.

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