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1962 Plymouth Sport Fury Quarter Miler

'62 Plymouth

I spotted this great Plymouth at the Houston Mopar Show and Race on September 27, 1998. I spoke very briefly with the owner -- he had just returned from mid 9 second run! -- and he was hot and getting out of his protective clothing and did not have time to talk much.

'62 Plymouth

'62 Plymouth

'62 Plymouth

'62 Plymouth

'62 Plymouth

I remember the owner saying the car has a big block wedge, in the 500 cubic inch range, and started out as a 361 car. He has owned the Plymouth since 1965. I was so excited with the car I forgot to get his name!


I received a nice e-mail from the owner clarifying the status of the 1962.

Larry Thomason wrote:

Here is some info on the '62. I have owned the car since 1965; it was my second car. As you can tell, it's a 1962 Sport Fury 2 dr h/t. It originally came with a 361 column shift 3 speed. I later built a 383 - 343 hp motor to run f/sa NHRA. About the time I got close to running the record they changed the rules (and I don't mean that in a Dodge way); they said pre-'65 cars had to run super stock class. I never was able to get the car competitive in s/s.

I sold the car to a Mopar friend, stipulating I'd have 1st shot to buy it back. So I did and put it back on the street in 1986 with a mild 383. I drove it for a year and parked it for 9 years.

I decided in 1997 I wanted to race again in S/Gas. I looked at a lot of cars, I didn't want to cut up the '62. I just couldn't stand it, just had to do it!

We installed a Morrison chassis, strut front, 4 wheel wilwood brakes, narrowed dana 4.56, Cragar wheels, M/T 16/33, Goodyear 23 inch fronts.

The engine you saw was a 511 Indy aluminum block w b-1 bs Koffel heads. Koffel's place dyno'ed it at 762 hp. The trans I use is a Bruno unit, this is a converter driven 2 speed Lenco which I still manually shift.

The car was all steel in the photos you took, I got it down to 2650 lbs. The paint and graphics wre done by Peveto's in Bridge City Tx. The interior sheet metal was done by Howells sheet metal in Nederland Tx. Chassis fab work was by Raymond Singletary in Port Neches Tx.

The new stuff for this year includes fiberglass pull off front end, deck lid, bumpers. I have the doors but haven't got them ready yet. Also a NEW 550 C.I.-962 HP B1 BULLET. Its not in the car yet though, I plan to install it in June after all the div.4 pts races.

Car went 9.50's last year, hope to get in the 8's with all the new stuff.


See Larry's 1962 Plymouth FEATHER Super Gas!

Gary H.
October,1 1998; added more photos October 11, 1998, update from owner March 25, 1999; revised and moved to the new web site garage August 18, 1999; revised January 27, 2002.

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