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1964 Plymouth Fury 1964 Plymouth Fury trunk script

October 2009 Mopar of the Month

Joe writes: I purchased this Plymouth in August 1998 and started gathering parts to build a Nostalgia type race car. The result is a Plymouth that is a street driven race car that I built for under $12,000.

1964 Plymouth Fury, driver side front
1964 Plymouth Fury, engine 1964 Plymouth Fury, passenger side rear

Most everything I got from Mother Mopar:
1964 Plymouth Fury, interior 1964 Plymouth Fury, switches on dash

1964 Plymouth Fury, front, as bought I actually started working on the Fury in the Summer of 2005 and I do not have a heated shop, which limited my work to Summertime. This restoration was my first shot at body work, the only thing I did not do was apply the base clear Medium Gulf Blue. (I chickened out). View the 1964 Plymouth Fury’s Restoration Pictures

I recently installed a new fiberglass hood and scoop I got from WS Racing.

1964 Plymouth Fury, driver side front 1964 Plymouth Fury, passenger side front

The restoration and build of the race Fury has been a long haul but I am quite happy with the results.

In August 2009 I took the Fury to the Saskatchewan International Raceway. My best elapsed time was 11.90 @ 114 mph, with a 1.70 60 foot. That’s with no tuning. I’m sure I can knock off a few tenths next time I am able to go to the track.

P.S. I have to thank Felix Bert for letting me at his supply of 1964 Moparts!

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Congratulations Joe!

You did a grand race-oriented restoration and obviously know how to have fun with a 1964 Plymouth: still terrorizing the off-brands at the race track!   smile!

Gary H.

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