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1964 Plymouth Fury
1964 Plymouth Fury glove box emblem

October 2008 Mopar of the Month

1964 Plymouth Fury, overhead front passenger side view

Sean writes:  My 1964 Plymouth Fury is painted Chrysler’s current Cool Vanilla. Over the past 4 and a half years I have completely restored this car, myself, other than the transmission and paintwork, both of which I hired out professionally. Every single component on this automobile has been replaced with new or rebuilt, usually improved from the way the factory did it; every single component on this car functions perfectly, again, often better than original.

1964 Plymouth Fury, driver side view

Being an ex-mechanic, I built this car for two purposes: To run all day, every day, to Brazil if need be—and to last my lifetime, being fixed easily with common components. I used all readily-available parts in this build; there is nothing strange or exotic. I am not a dealer or parts trader; this is my only auto project. Doing the labor myself, I have nonetheless spent $40,000 building this Mopar, and unlike most, I have the receipts to prove all of it (see the folder of receipts picture below). Just ask others selling one of these cars if they can prove it in this way, then ask to see how. The Fury has 5,000 miles on its complete restoration since I finished it in the Spring of 2008.

1964 Plymouth Fury, passenger front side

The lowdown: 1. Engine and Drivetrain. Completely machined, cleaned and rebuilt 1977 440 cubic inch 7.2 liter premium motorhome engine. Clevite bearings, moly rings, double-roller chain, windage tray. New oil pan and pickup. Mild new factory-grind 1964 426HP street wedge cam (.430” lift) and lifters, new matching valve springs. Very rare, matching #452 motorhome cylinder heads with extra cooling capacity and factory hardened seats, three-angle valve job, magnafluxed and shaved .007”. Painted Edelbrock intake manifold with logos shaved off to look factory. Powder coated aluminum valve covers. All pumps are new. Schumacher shorty Tri-Y headers, coated inside and out with genuine Jet-Hot Sterling Silver ceramic coating, connected to full “TTI” brand mandrel bent 2 and one-half inch dual exhaust system. Griffin aluminum radiator with two, 1 and a quarter inch cores. 1972 727 automatic transmission with factory part-throttle kickdown. Completely overhauled with full Mancini overhaul kit using Raybestos parts, all clutches and both bands replaced, all new bushings, seals, gaskets, lines, etc. and a B and M mild shift kit. Pump rebuilt. Deep pan with drain plug. Very low mileage 1968 Dodge Charger 8 and three quarter rearend assembly.

1964 Plymouth Fury, engine
1964 Plymouth Fury, engine 1964 Plymouth Fury, engine brake booster

2. Suspension, Steering, Brakes and Fuel. All systems completely rebuilt and upgraded. New Chrysler Hemi Road Runner torsion bars (.920”). Complete “Just Suspension” brand rebuild kit with new balljoints, heavy-duty C-body tie rod assemblies, pitman and idler arms, poly control arm and strut bushings and heavy-duty strut rods. New “ESPO Springs and Things” brand matching, hand-hammered heavy duty rear leaf springs with new bushings, u-bolts and hangers. Steering box rebuilt by “Steer and Gear” brand to custom stiffness, very nice. New power steering pump. Steering column rebuilt with new coupler and housing, also. “Master Power Brakes” brand complete front disc brake kit with new spindles, rotors, calipers, hoses, etc. Chrysler aluminum dual master cylinder. Everything that touches brake fluid is brand new, front to back, including brake lines, fittings, and so forth. Ceramic rear brake shoes. Original power brake booster rebuilt by “Booster Dewey”. Everything that touches gasoline is brand new, as well, including fuel tank, sending unit, stainless steel fuel line, up to the new fuel pump.

1964 Plymouth Fury, interior 1964 Plymouth Fury, interior
1964 Plymouth Fury, dash 1964 Plymouth Fury, dash tachometer
1964 Plymouth Fury, interior

3. Body. This car was torn down completely, removing all glass, doors, nose, dash, interior—everything. All body panels were then stripped and/or blasted to bare metal, and the very few rust spots were fixed with all-new metal. Six cans of POR 15 were used. Frame, floors and trunk floor are original and solid as new. Every seal is brand new, except for the vent windows. Those seals are not available, but are in excellent shape. Both bumpers were rechromed, and all trim including grille assemblies were replated by “Anobrite, King of Trim”, the very best.

4. Interior and Electrical. New door panels by “Legendary Interiors”. I recovered the seats myself. Instrument panel and armrests rechromed by “Mister G.”. Speedometer rebuilt. Tachometer custom installed by me. New headliner and carpet. Three boxes of “Dynamat Extreme” brand sound and heat insulation. Engine bay and interior wiring harnesses rewired by me, and are now much improved, safer and more efficient. New alternator, coil, wires, plugs, etc. Modern AM/FM stereo radio and speakers installed, painted to match interior. Power antenna. NOS door lock and ignition switch matching set.

5. Many more new parts, including: American Racing wheels and Michelin tires, headlight switch, door hinges, hood hinges, heater core and heater valve, emergency brake cables, four new gas shock absorbers, inner fender shields and gaskets, stainless steel gas tank strap, gas tank pad, both outside door handle assemblies, all hoses and belts including power steering hoses, motor mounts and brackets, urethane transmission mount, torque converter, mini starter, rear shelf package tray, complete electronic ignition system, engine fan, battery and battery cables, speedometer cable, horn and starter relays.

I collected a wealth of documentation with the car, including much of the original owner’s paperwork from Tennessee, where the Fury spent nearly all its life. Original CertiCard. I have also purchased from Chrysler this car’s complete Build Record.1964 Plymouth Fury, work receipts and documentation

I am only the third owner. This car is happy stuck in traffic all day or flying down the highway all day. Can be driven anywhere, day or night, rain or shine. Smooth, powerful and efficient, it gets 16 mpg local and 18+ mpg highway, if I leave the four barrel carb alone! The Mopar happily runs on 87 octane unleaded and will not ping; it sits, drives, runs, rides, handles like a new car, as was my plan from the start. The Fury is very smooth and quiet: until called upon, then it’s very quick and powerful. A real blast to drive!

1964 Plymouth Fury, trunk interior 1964 Plymouth Fury, rear

Update: Something unforeseen forced me to sell the Fury to raise some cash. The Fury went to a good home and lucky new owner. Someday I hope to build another Mopar.

Thanks Sean,

The car is a tribute to all your good work and skill in restoration. The Fury is a beauty and will attact admirerers hereafter.   smile!

Gary H.

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