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Mopar of the Month: January, 2000

1962 Dodge Dart 330

Blaine Raymond from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada sent in the following information and photos.

"After looking for several years for a nice original 1962 - 1965 Dodge or Plymouth, this 42,000 mile 1962 Dart came available in the fall of 1997 and I bought from it from the son of the original owner the following spring.

1962 Dart

The price ended up a bit high but the Dart was so well looked after all these years that I decided to go for it.

It is a Canadian car and came with standard shift and a 313, (the Canadian equivalent of the 318 poly). Three months later, the car was completely stripped except for glass and dash and was finished the following spring.

1962 Dart

The total drive train was changed except the 3:23 differential, to a stock rebuilt 413 w/2x4's, automatic pushbutton, power steering, brakes, rewire from generator to alternator, big block radiator 3 core with shroud, and electronic ignition. Original exhaust hangers were properly installed and dual aluminized 2.25" pipes fabricated w/original type mufflers from year one.

1962 Dart- 413

The interior wasn't faded and only needed cleaning. A new carpet from Legendary replaced the rubber floor.

1962 Dart

1962 Dart

The K-member and suspension was removed and painted, but the underneath was kept with the original undercoating and painted black. The stainless steel was buffed and bumpers rechromed. The wheels are l5" steel with original dog dish caps, and the tires are 215x70's front & 255x60''s rear. The traction is so good there was no need to go to a Sure Grip.

PERFORMANCE: even though the car wasn't really set up for the track, it moves out really well and drives beautifully with the changes that were made.

view most others see of this 1962 Dart

This is a car that always turns heads & draws attention from all ages of people and is always exiting to drive after all these years."

UPDATE: Read more about this car in Canadian Classics magazine!
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Used with permission. Thanks!
Visit the Canadian Classics Magazine web site.
Thanks, Blaine!

I can't think of a better way to start the new century than with a representative of the B Body platform that, along with the downsized Plymouth of 1962, started the B Body platform that would serve Chrysler Corporation and race fans so well for over a decade.

Your fantastic job with your Dart will keep folk's heads turning well into the new Century. :-)

Gary H.

January, 2000; updated May 1, 2000

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