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1962 - 1965 Mopar Sightings

Lucky for us we occasionally get time to break away from our computer screens.
We even put down our wrenches and pack up the car polish wax.

What do we do?

Yup. We go and look at these Mopars in real time.

Below are some Reports from the Field from people lucky enough to spot some of these Mopars at a Show or Race.

Have a good time checking these out. It is even okay to touch the image on the screen. ;-) :-)

Have fun!

Note: See the Page Links at the bottom of this page for additional year's reports.

I need to reorganize this section eventually. For now, browse and have fun.


2009 Hi-Po Mopar Car Show


Chryslers at Carlisle, 1999

1962 @ CC '99   B Body Mopars at 1999 Chryslers at Carlisle, July 10, 1999

1999 Mopar Nationals

Photos taken at the 1999 Mopar Nationals by Lee Herman.

San Antonio, Texas October 2, 1999 Mopar Club Car Show

1963 Dodge @ San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio Mopar Muscle and Classic Car Show, Red McCombs Chysler/Plymouth/Jeep/Eagle

Mopar Club's Member's Vehicles

The Mopar Power Club "B" body collection (the early years...) (off-site link)

1999 Houston Mopar Show and Race

1999 Phoenix in the Fall VII

The Phoenix in the Fall VII show was put on by the Walter P. Chrysler Grand Canyon Region at Performance Dodge in Glendale AZ on Nov. 14 1999.

1965 Coronets

Thanks to Doug Wagonguy for sharing the pictures!

Mopars at Lebanon Valley, New York Drag Strip

Mopars at Englishtown, 1999

Mopars at Atco, 1999

Spring Fling April 1999 Pictures

Want an opportunity to see these Mopars in person? Review the Show and Race Listings. Maybe you'll get lucky and eye some of these '62 to '65 Mopar beauties!

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