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Tom's engine support for transmission removal

When pulling the transmission on my 1964 Dart I ended up fabricating a replica of the engine support shown in the Factory Service Manual out of wood, a piece of angle iron, a large square washer, and a threaded hook.

All material was purchased at a local building supply store.

It worked great - my son and I got the transmission out in about an hour; (I had already removed cables, the kick-down linkage, and the drive shaft).

Tom's Trans Removal
Side view of the car up on jack stands

Tom's Trans Removal
Front view of the engine support

The tops of the two side supports were cut off with a miter saw set to 18 degrees off of a right angle. The bottom ends of the supports sit on the shock towers. I removed the shocks so that there was a nice flat spot for the supports to rest. Since the shock towers sit below a piece of sheet metal with a 2 1/2" hole in it, I used a wood chisel to cut away excess wood on the bottoms to leave a 2 1/2" round protrusion. The holes in the angle iron were 3/8". A little larger would be better, as the hook was a little tight in the hole.

Tom's Trans Removal

Close-up showing the hook, the square washer, and the angle iron

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January 7, 2001

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