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1964 Plymouth Variable Wiper Switch Wiring

Butch writes: I’m restoring a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury. 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

I started under the dash by rebuilding the heater and wipers. NOS or rebuilt parts...lots of them. I got a new variable wiper switch from JC Auto Restoration in Lynnwood, WA. (GREAT FOLKS, lots of inventory), but when I put the new switch in, the wiper motor ran backwards, wipers did not return to their resting position when turned off, and I’d get a bit of a shock off the shifter console when the wiper switch was ON.

Anyway, I suspected I’d miswired the switch. There are seven terminals on it. Ultimately I found out I had a ground problem, nothing wrong with my switch wiring. But, I’d gone to the trouble to label a digital photo of the switch connections, so thought I’d share it with my fellow 1962 to 1965 Mopar fans.

1964 Plymouth Variable Wiper Switch Wiring

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March 17, 2007

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