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Dipstick Tube Remover Tool, DIY Tip

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Mike L. writes:  I made a dipstick tube tool that works great.

I drilled the threads out of a heavy 3/8 inch nut (size=OD of tube) and welded the nut at one end of a 1/2 inch rod about 18 inches long and then slotted the nut to slip over the tube. I welded the nut to the side of the rod. Place the nut against the ridge on the tube and drive it into the block with a BFH! hammer graphic , based on free clipart on www.clipartguide.com/_pages/0808

Dipstick Remover Tool, DIY

Note: splitting the nut makes the tool more versatile. The clearance on some motors will not allow a complete circumference of the tube.

November 26, 2011

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