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1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger

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Rich writes: I own an original, documented 1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger.

1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger, front right driver side
1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger original bill of sale I have the original bill of sale from Rockford Ill.and some other historical documents with the car.

View a larger image of the bill of sale.

I was also able to visit Darrell Davis and got the car listed in his historical Ramcharger registry.

1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger hood up
1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger 426 engine Most of the paint is factory original. The Dodge was never tubbed.

The engine compartment still holds the factory 13.5 compression Max Wedge HP 426.

The original three speed manual transmission was at some point updated to the newer 833 four speed.

Help requested! I have not been able to uncover any real history from Rockford back in the day regarding this Mopar
and I was hoping maybe someone might be able to provide me some interesting historical information. Anyone?
Please send me an email if you know information about this Dodge at this address:   contact owner 1963 Dodge 330 Ramcharger

1963 Dodge 330 driver side

My brother is also a member of The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List, with his matching 1963 Plymouth Max Wedge car.
When we drive these it creates a unique scene when we get together.

Great Mopar ride Rich!

I hope someone knows history about this Dodge and lets you know.

Gary H.

October 19, 2021

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