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Brake Part Numbers

THANKS to MoparRed who kindly supplied the following brake interchange information and part numbers for putting front disc brakes on an early B Body Mopar.

Red wrote:

You will need spindles off 73-76 "A" body, pin type caliper adapters off 76-79 "B" body and calipers and rotors off 71 "B" body (they are 12"), backing plates off 76-79 "B" body. You will want to go with newer (4 bolt type) dual chamber master cylinder and matching proportioning valve.

Hope this will be of use to somebody out there. Most national auto chains can cross the Mopar numbers to industry numbers on the calipers and rotors.


Brake part numbers

Be Careful! Danger! You risk severe injury or death doing mechanical repairs on your 1962 to 1965 Mopar. Don't take rash chances and don't shy away from careful use of jack stands, spring compressors, eye protection and other safety devices. Get a qualified professional technician to do the work if you are at all unclear about the repair procedures, or if you do not have adequate tools or safety equipment.

This page was created on February 25, 2000.

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