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1965 Super Stock Plymouth Factory Owners List

Hank Taylor writes:

Re # 29 EB taylor owner: that was my father.

A tie rod broke going through the traps at Union Hill drag strip in '65 as we were going to the inaugural event at Bristol and the car was wrecked. My father sold it after a disagreement with Chrysler...

I had owned Hayden Proffit's '63 wedge, a '64 max wedge, a 64 Hemi that I set the ss/a record with in Phoenix City AL at age 15.

My mechanic during late '63 - early 65 was Hl Shahan.

The record holding car is in Chicago IL. It has been completely restored and is in mint condition.

In '96, after not seeing the car for 30 years, I was asked by the current owner to drive it in the Super Stock Magazine event in Richmond VA.

The car remembered me we bonded and off we went....It was a beautiful run: 10.40.

His full time driver turned 10.39.

Keeping in mind that I had not driven or seen the car in 30 years led the owner to say, " quess that's why you were the champ."

January 18, 2002
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