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1965 Dodge Coronet

1965 Dodge Coronet, front view.
Russ writes: When my mother recently passed I inherited her 1965 Dodge Coronet: she was the original owner and I helped her pick it out when she bought the Mopar new. There were two identical Coronets on the lot back then. I suggested she buy the one with the “SureGrip” differential and the small hubcaps as opposed to the one that had a gap in the back door and wet floor with full sized wheel covers. 1965 Dodge Coronet, driver side rear.

My mother was still driving the 1965 Dodge once a week until early 2009; (she also had a 1993 Taurus.) She lived to 99 and had been sharp and was still driving up to the day she became ill. The Mopar is a four door with 273 v8. It passed Virginia inspection every year until this one. There is a rust hole in the floor pan on the driver’s side. The body is in pretty good shape with two small rust holes. The Dodge was originally painted dark turquoise, which sometime in the 1970’s was repainted a non stock green that was nowhere near as nice as the original; (I plan to repaint it the original color).

Once I get it to my home in Maryland there are some things I need to address right away, besides the floor. The automatic choke is not functioning, or is the fuel gage. The odometer stopped quite awhile back, but the speedometer continues to work. Why that is, I don’t know. I’m sure it is under 100k, since she did not go anywhere (the Taurus has 20k). Also I noticed the heater core has been bypassed: the 2 hoses are cut off at the firewall and a red hose goes from the outlet to the inlet, thus no heater/defroster. I am assuming the heater core or valve or something related must have packed it in. 1965 Dodge Coronet, passenger side, rear
I am converting the other stall of the garage back into a garage to house the Dodge and work on the Mopar, which had been garaged since 1981 and before that was under a carport. 1965 Dodge Coronet, rear.

I am glad to have found the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web Site. There seems to be a wealth of information available. I also bought a reprint of the factory technical service manual. It looks like I can find help there as well. The last time I worked on it was back in the 1980s.

Contact Russ at Contact owner 1965 Dodge.

Update May 2011: For Sale

For sale ad: 1965 Dodge Coronet 4 door, Owned by the same family since new. Under carport 65-81, garaged since 1981. Inherited from my mother after her passing in 2009. Vehicle is under 100K from driving estimates, odometer stuck at 30K in the 70s or 80s.

Usage: 1965-75 low mileage to work (school librarian)and errands; mother retired in 1975, car used only for grocery store, bank and post office.

Original car except for paint, repainted in the 70s non-MOPAR green (original color-dark turquoise) Interior has replacement seat covers, visors and rear package shelf covered with terrycloth. Some wear on interior trim and door seals.

Original 273 V8, auto trans, sure grip diff. Always passed VA inspection. Recent water pump, carb replaced with Carter rebuilt by Holley, new fuel pump and rubber lines, tires 3 years old, new spark plugs. Heater has been bypassed, no signs of leaking in interior, bad heater core? Fuel gauge inoperable, temp gauge reads high, temp tested and is in acceptable range. Rust hole in driver's side floor pan, due to leak in cowling under louvers that caused water to run down back of dash undetected and settle in matting under floor mats. Hole temp. repaired, replacement panel is available through

Vehicle registered as an Historic Vehicle in MD; included is 1965 Dodge Coronet Technical Service Manual.

Car driven 1-2 times a month until the past several months, is on battery tender. Looking for good home with MOPAR enthusiast. Car is located near Easton on MD's Eastern Shore. email at contact on this page (below) or call Russ 410-822-5645 and leave message.

Update July 2014: 1965 Dodge Coronet For Sale

I must admit that I have not been very active trying to sell the Dodge with a number of other projects going, as well as trying to sell a refurbished house. I had one person who contacted me and was thinking about buying the Dodge for a parts car, but he realized it was too good a car to part out and he did not need another car.

I drive the Dodge every couple of weeks to keep everything going on it. It is in my garage on a Battery Tender. So if you would like to buy it, it is still available. The 1965 Dodge runs, is registered, and is restorable. E-mail the contact on this page (below) or call Russ 410-822-5645 and leave a message.


Thank you for the story and pictures. It is great to keep the Coronet as part of your family.

I am sure this Web site will help with the restoration.   smile!

RE: Updates: Sorry to see you have to sell the Dodge but that's a the way it goes: and an opportunity for a new owner to have a fun ride.

Gary H.

June 18, 2009. Update May 6, 2011; July 9, 2014

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