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1965 Dodge and Plymouth AWB

Rich Lefebvre writes:

I just bought 20 or 22 1965 Plymouth Belvederes and Dodge Coronets. With the help of an extensive collection of Hot Rod magazines from the era belonging to a friend, I started cutting them apart and welding them back together in the configuration of A/fx cars.

1965 Dodge AWB a-990 interior
1965 Dodge Coronet front AWB 1965 Coronet shell

At the time of this writing I have 5 of them in various stages of completion with the Plymouth Belvedere fuel injected car being the most ambitious so far.
It seems to run very well and I am in the final stages of completion installing door panels and glass, trim etc.

My latest car is a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I which is being painted 1965 ruby red as we speak.
The car has a straight axle from a 1965 Dodge A100 van as in the Jake's Speed Equipment car. All the other cars have torsion bar suspension.

1965 Plymouth shell 1965 Plymouth rear
1965 Plymouth rear AWB Plymouth side

Injected 426 Hemi

1965 Plymouth 1965 Plymouth

1965 Plymouth 426 injected

I have gone to obsessive compulsive disorder levels to make these cars correct. These were all 318 or 6 cyl. cars. I do not try to represent them as factory racing cars. I just enjoy building them and I can't stand to see good solid cars dissolving in the elements so I buy them for as little as $100.00 and dismantle them using varying quality fiberglass doors, fenders, hood, decklid, bumpers, dash and modifying and recovering a100 van seats and stock door panels in superstock patterns and materials.

Great going Rich!

It seems a very fitting 'end' for these '65's to come back to life as cloned versions of the famous altered wheelbase cars of that era!

Keep up the good work!

Gary H.

October 17, 2001; November 11, 2001
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